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Laferriere Classic Cars
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by Jim & Laura M. on Laferriere Classic Cars

Tom was fantastic. He was honest and upfront about the 1967 Camaro we purchased. It was obvious he took the time and went through the car himself, he knew what the car already had done and what was needed, he also made sure all the documentation was together and accurate, there were no surprises. He gave us all the time we needed, there was no pressure to buy the vehicle. We highly recommend his expertise to anyone in the market for an antique vehicle as we were highly satisfied.

Jim and Laura, thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you as well. Enjoy that Camaro!

by Richard D on Laferriere Classic Cars

If you are looking to buy or sell an antique car, Tom is the man to deal with. He is both honest and trustworthy. A pleasure to do business with.

Richard, thank you very much! I am glad you are happy!

by Orlando C on Laferriere Classic Cars

Tom is great. He did a great job to sell our 1942 ford woody wagon. I would recommend Tom to anyone who needs help selling their antique vehicle.

Orlando, thank you so much in trusting me to sell the family treasure!

by thomas roland on Laferriere Classic Cars

Tom made buying my woodie a pleasure. He was honest about the car and very accommodating.

Thomas, it was a please meeting you and I am happy you are enjoying the 1942 Ford Woodie

by Dave R on Laferriere Classic Cars

It took just 5 weeks to prepare and sell my car. Everything was very professional and well handled. I would be happy to use Tom for any future Packard sales.

David, it was my honor! Thank you for trusting my services.

by Doug H on Laferriere Classic Cars

Tom very honest and easy to work with on our deal. I am very pleased with our purchase.

Doug, thank you ro your purchase! I am glad you are enjoying the bus!

by Tom D. on Laferriere Classic Cars

TOM handled the sale of two (2) of my Packards. I shipped him the cars (at separate times) and he handled the rest. He did a great job getting good prices for both cars. It was worry free for me as I am aging. VERY PROFESSIONAL !!

Tom, thanks again for your trust.

by Mark R on Laferriere Classic Cars

We had a great experience making a purchase with Laferriere Classic Cars. Tom was very accommodating for us to check out the whole vehicle taking time to put it on his lift was a great help we never felt rushed. He is very knowledgeable giving us a tour of his shop was awesome. We highly recommend this company they are very friendly and a pleasure to do business with!

Mark, it was nice meeting you and Tara! Thank for your kind words and I look forward to seeing you and the truck throughout car show season.

by Jim on Laferriere Classic Cars

Tom is a true professional. I bought one of his lower priced cars but he treated me as though I was buying one of his more expensive cars. What a collection of vintage classics. Extremely knowledgeable transaction was a breeze. Highly recommend him.

Jim, the pleasure was mine!

by joseph A. on Laferriere Classic Cars

Honest description of vehicle. Extremely knowledgeable.  Very thorough and secure/professional handling of payment and paperwork--obviously that's key when dealing with purchase of expensive vehicles over the phone/email. Photos were fairly accurate. Worked well with my pre-purchase inspector/ appraiser. Very patient answering my many questions and dealing with my somewhat OCD personality.  Overall, very pleasant/low stress experience for the most part.  I'd certainly do business with Tom again.

Hi Joe, It was a pleasure doing business with you. You certainly did your due diligence on this large purchase. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

by Tom D. on Laferriere Classic Cars

Excellent seller of my 1932 Packard. Handled sell and details professionally and quickly. He is handling another of my antique cars and I am free from worry about advertising and managing a transaction. He has the contacts !!

Thanks Tom! Next to get the other Packard sold!

by Chris C on Laferriere Classic Cars

Thanks Tom for the personal attention offered me in viewing your inventory. Both you and Torie were professional and accommodating. Prospective buyers will quickly have confidence in a fair transaction with Laferriere Classic Cars.

Chris, let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

by Chris B on Laferriere Classic Cars

This is Not a customer review — I've never done business with LaFerriere Classic Cars and don't expect to, but I have spoken with Tom a number of times and finally met him at Hershey this year. Our common interest is American LaFrance speedsters and Tom has generously shared his considerable experience and wise recommendations as I plan the design and construction of my own project. Thanks again Tom, I'm off to the workshop now...

Chris, It was nice to meet after all these years and talk ALF Speedsters. You have a great project! Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

by David G. on Laferriere Classic Cars

I have been looking for a real 1970-71 Olds 442 convertible for years, preferably a blue one with A/C and matching numbers. When I saw one in Hemmings located in RI, I was very interested. When I called, Tom described the car accurately and assured me it was worth the 3 hour drive to see it. He was correct. Tom put the car on the lift, gave me plenty of time to look the car over, and was fair to deal with. The crazy part is, I had seen this car years ago, but was unable to make a deal. I now own a blue 442 cvt with air and matching #'s!
Tom and Torie were a pleasure to work with, I recommend Laferriere Classic Cars!

David, thank you so much for the business. I am glad you got the 442 finally!

by Joe R. on Laferriere Classic Cars

In July '81, my father bought home a 1967 Camaro SS/RS Convertible with plans of a father son project. The project stalled several times, as he first died in December '1981, during my senior year of high school. After 38 years of ownership, I decided to sell. But I was overwhelmed with emotion and didn't know where to begin, until I was introduced to Tom. I was first impressed with his inventory of some of the finest automobiles around. At our first meeting Tom inspected my car and we decided on a fair price point. We basically had a handshake deal; I left my car with him and took an Uber ride home.

Tom works hard for both the seller and buyer and he made the process appear to be seamless, right down to the paperwork and car transportation. I would recommend Tom to anyone thinking of selling a collectible car.

Joe, thank you so much for the business. I know that was an emotional sell, but we got it done and the new owner is thrilled to be its next caretaker. It was just what he was looking for.

by Jim L on Laferriere Classic Cars

Tom is the most responsive, upfront, professional person in the Classic Car business. He made the purchase of my 32 Chevy an absolute pleasure.

Virtually every step of the process was made easy. From initial contact to the tuning that he had no obligation to do, to driving out of his yard was all enjoyable.

Tom is certainly one of a kind that I highly recommend to anyone interested in buying or selling Classics

Jim, it was you that was easy to work with! Thank you so much for a smooth transaction and I am so happy you are enjoying your 1932 Chevrolet Confederate.

by Jason B on Laferriere Classic Cars

I have been looking for a 1967 SS Convertible for over 5 years. Every time I have gone to look at one it has not been as described, until now. The pictures were so thorough on Tom's website that I knew I had found the car. I didn't think I even needed to come look because it was so well documented. Tom suggested I fly out anyway just to be sure and I am glad I did. Tom picked me up from the hotel in the morning in my car and took me to his shop. I was able to drive the car and completely inspect it on the lift. The car was better than it was described! It was truly a great experience. I really enjoyed looking at all of his other cars while I was there.

Torie was a pleasure to deal with and got all of the paperwork in line. I was able to get plates and a title requested the day the car showed up.
They went above and beyond to take care of me and I really appreciate that. They even came in on Labor Day to help the shipper load my car.
Thanks Again!

Jason, thank you so much for the business. It was easy to work with you as well. Teamwork got the job done! Enjoy your Camaro.

by Dave Singleton on Laferriere Classic Cars

I did something I swore I’d never do; sent the money before I saw the car! To my surprise and relief the car was much better than I expected! Tom’s ad description was very clear and honest, as was he truthful and helpful on the telephone. Torie was especially helpful with details for my customs export too. Can’t imagine a better experience buying a collector car, I’d deal with Tom again in a heartbeat!

Dave, thank you! You got a great car act a great price!

by Leonardo A. on Laferriere Classic Cars

I am 46 years old, I have owned over 50 cars. From a Delorean to an Aston Martin. I have never felt more comfortable making an offer on a classic car than I did the 1963 Buick Riviera I got from Tom Laferriere.  He let me put on a lift, drive it, inspect every aspect of it, without any pressure.  I knew the whole picture of the car before making an offer, that was huge.  Very few sellers ever made me feel as good as Tom did with this Buick.

Leonardo, thank you for the kind words. It was easy working with you too! Please stay in contact.

by Sonia on Laferriere Classic Cars

Tom gave me a fantastic support to find and buy a Ford T brass era (1912).
I was looking for a project non an already restored car and it was really hard to find it in Europe! Tom did it and with a very high professionalità!!!
Thank you Tom!

Sonia, thank you for trusting in my services. Please let me know if you need anything else.

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