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A Brief Introduction

Laferriere Classic Cars was born in 2006 as the result of Tom Laferriere’s passion and excitement for Vintage and Antique Automobiles. Starting as a hobby over 35 years ago, its now a fast growing business selling client’s cars worldwide. Its owned and operated by Tom Laferriere of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Tom has been around Antique and Vintage Cars since his father purchased a 1939 Packard 120 Coupe in 1970 and began to tinker with it. Tom saw his first Brass Era Car at age 12 and has had a fascination for Pre-WWII cars ever since. There is something about those fire breathing Chain Driven Cars with Acetylene Headlamps that also make the blood flow!

Tom’s true passion focuses on Pre-War Classics and Pre-1915 high HP models.   He is lucky enough to be the steward of a few himself, mainly 1930’s Packards, a Stanley, some very interesting speedsters and a life long project building his dream car…the one that got him started with the passion and hobby at a young age.

Tom Laferriere

Tom Laferriere

Big Chief

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