1913 Ford Model T Speedster

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1913 Ford Model T Speedster

Stock Ford 177 cu. in. four cylinder engine, two-speed planetary transmission, transverse leaf spring front and rear suspension, stock Model T rear axle. Wheelbase: 100 inches.

The Model T Ford was not designed to be a quick automobile. That said, almost from the beginning, Tin Lizzies were so plentiful and inexpensive that they were extensively modified, hopped up, and raced at formal race tracks, hill climbs, and road rallies all around the world. For the driver who wanted strong performance without the negatives of a purpose-built race car, the Speedster style fit the bill to the letter. Frequently built both in the period and today and in near endless variety, Model T Speedsters are truly the pioneers of the hot rod movement.

Though it’s earliest history is unknown, the Speedster offered here is documented back to the early 1960s when it was first restored in Overbrook, Kansas. Built with a 1915 motor on a 1913 chassis and titled as a 1913 Model T, it has been modified to ensure strong performance while maintaining relative comfort. In addition to a modified hand brake lever and custom pedals, a lowered steering column gives the driver all the necessary room to control the car at speed. It is fitted with a brass monocle windshield, Klaxon horn, bucket seats, and a full complement of gas and kerosene lights. For the early motoring enthusiast, this car checks all the cosmetic boxes.

This Speedster is no mere looker, though. The car retains a factory Model T driveline but has been fitted with several performance upgrades including adjustable valve lifters, Kevlar transmission bands, an exhaust cutout, aftermarket front spring, and a water pump for increased cooling capacity. It has always been properly maintained including newer spark plugs, belt, hoses, timer, and wiring harness. Consequently, it is highly reliable for a 105 year old car, as proven by it’s extensive competition history with the Tulsa Region of the Model T Ford Club of America and its yearly hill climb.

Henry Ford may have built more than 15 million Model Ts between 1908 and 1927 but you’ll never find another one exactly like this Speedster. Offered from single ownership since 1986, it is highly attractive and perfectly presented as a period hot rod. In terms of smiles per dollar, this Speedster is tough to beat. It is an ideal car to drive and enjoy.

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Make: Ford
Body Style: Speedster
Location: Smithfield, RI 02917
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