1911 Ford Model-T


1911 Ford Model T Touring.  The car and engine number are 48337, commensurate with the 1911 Model model. This car was restored by Gary Cleveland of Wamego, Kansas and is reported to have been purchased from the original owner by his father there in Wamego.

Gary did a very nice restoration on the car and we believe all the sheet metal to be original.  It was pretty clear from checking it over that the chassis was well done. He had told us the transmission was balanced and it is quite smooth. Its easy to see that most all brass is original to the car. It does have a new radiator and headlamps, the rest we believe is original.

The car runs and drives well.  When cold, I use a battery to start but after its been run, starts easily on mag . The car has new wheels but incorrect for the year, when asked why, he said he’d rather change a rim than wrestle with a clincher tire along the road. They are all 30 X 31/2 and has a new spare rim. The carb is a later NH . Other than those two items, we feel everything to be correct.

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Listing Type: SOLD
Year: 1911
Make: Ford
Model: Model T
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