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1933 Packard Eight Convertible Sedan

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1933 Packard Eight Convertible Sedan

130bhp, 320 cu. in. L-head nine main bearing inline eight-cylinder engine with three speed synchromesh transmission, four wheel vacuum assisted mechanical brakes, leaf spring suspension, and live hypoid rear axle. Wheelbase: 134″

The Standard Eight was now known as the Eight this year, horsepower was now up to 120 with new engine refinements such as a new dual downdraft Stromberg carburetor, revised manifolds, an automatic choke and smaller flywheel. Three-point motor suspension was adopted. The Bendix-BK vacuum booster brakes of the Twelve were added. Wire wheels were now standard, with disc and wood optional. The angle set hypoid differential introduced on the Light Eight was also included. The former vacuum-plate clutch was replaced by a single-plate. The fender-mounted battery and toolboxes were gone, and the new pivoted pane window ventilation would be offered this one year only on all Eights and Twelves.

The current owner of this 1933 Packard Eight Convertible Sedan prepared this car for a Caravan that he was unable to participate due to a stiff arm.  In preparation for the tour, he had the motor fully rebuilt and now has less than 500 miles on it.   The generator and starter have been rebuilt, as well as  new coils installed.  Motor has been detailed as original. The brakes stop true and straight with power assist.    Body is very solid, tires are good, no paint issues, drives like a ’33 Packard should.

Any 1933 Packard is certainly rare, less than 5,000 of all models combined we produced, just under 1,100 1002 models.

Pictures show the condition cosmetically.  Mechanics are turn key.

Viewing: Automobiles
Year: 1933
Make: Packard
Model: 1002
Body Style: Convertible Sedan
Transmission: 3-Speed Manual
Condition: Older Restoration
Location: Northern NJ
Price: $149,500
Engine: Straight 8

As with any vintage automobile, I highly encourage a personal or a pre-purchase inspection service on your behalf to inspect the vehicle you are interested in.  Give me a call at 401-651-2295 or email directly at 

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