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1928 Packard 5-26 Convertible Coupe Unrestored

1928 Packard 5-26 Convertible Coupe Unrestored
  • 1928 Packard Convertible Coupe Barnfind
  • 1928 Packard Convertible Coupe Barnfind

1928 Packard 5-26 Convertible Coupe Unrestored.

1928 Packard 5-26 Convertible Coupe

1928 Packard Ad

This wonderful old 1928 Packard 5-26 has 57,000 original miles and a known history back to the 1940’s and its unrestored. It has been a Connecticut car all its life. It’s most recent owner, a car enthusiast who was over 85 year’s young, passed away last year after having owned the car for the past 35 years, purchasing it in 1979. We have a photograph taken the day he took possession of the car. He owned a rock quarry, stored it in his warehouse and exercised it daily for 25 of those years, putting it up on blocks for the last ten years.

Prior to his stewardship, the car was owned by a local gas station owner who specialized in Packard’s and kept a fleet of them (along with this one) from the 1940’s thru the late 1970’s when this car changed hands. He lived above the gas station with his wife AND his girlfriend, both co-existing well and both pumped gas and helped run the station together….how he pulled that one off we’ll never know…a true character in every sense of the word!

Just out of ten years storage, the Convertible Coupe was awoken properly and now starts well, idols smoothly, drives nicely and stops well. It is powered by the 288.6-cid, 81-hp L-head inline six-cylinder engine that runs strong. This power plant is paired with a floor-shift three-speed manual transmission and shifts well into all gears.

It has its original leather interior, original plating, oil change stickers in the door from Packard dealerships tracing its maintenance, period tires with dealer script on them from its original home town, and one repaint that is flaking off on one side. The top irons operate smoothly, but the top material is in need of attention or replacement.

Packard Sixes from 1925 to 1928 are recognized by the Classic Car Club of America as “Full Classics,” eligible for all CCCA meets and CARavans. This car will stand out at any CCCA or AACA event, and will be a fun driver around town or on the open road.

The 1928 Packard 526, called a Single Six due to its six-cylinder engine, develops 82 horsepower. This Packard sets the standard for luxury automobiles of the time.  The 5-26 designation denotes Packard’s 5th models series built upon a 126-inch wheelbase. Packard offered both a six- and eight-cylinder model in 1928 with the more moderately priced Six outselling the Eight.

Packard introduced the Single Six in 1921, to offer a smaller, less expensive alternative to the big V-12 Twin Six. It achieved both those objectives. The second series Single Six, introduced in December 1923, had four-wheel brakes and claimed 20-mpg economy. It handily outsold the new Single Eight introduced at the same time, a thousand-dollar price advantage no doubt a factor in its popularity. The final iteration of the Packard Six was the Fifth Series, introduced on July 1, 1927. It came on two wheelbases, and a custom body catalog for the longer chassis offered designs by Brewster, Derham, Dietrich and others. The engine was refined with better lubrication, an oil filter and four-point mounting. With nearly 22,000 built, the Six continued to outsell the Eights by a wide margin. Out of this figure, it is known far fewer were bodied with the style 526 Convertible Coupe coachwork.

It is currently registered in New York State.

This car has been sold, thank you for your business!

Viewing: SOLD
Year: 1928
Make: Packard
Model: 5-26
Body Style: Convertible Coupe
Transmission: 3-Speed Manual
Condition: Original Unrestored
Location: Smithfield, RI 02917
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: Straight 6 Cyl

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