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1925 Rolls Royce Twenty with Park Ward Coachwork

A world traveling Rolls Royce
Coming soon!

1925 Rolls Royce Twenty Coming soon.

21.6bhp six-cylinder, 3,150 cc overhead valves, single dry-plate clutch, three-speed gearbox, front and rear semi-elliptical springs and rear drum brakes. Wheelbase: 129″

The Twenty Rolls-Royce was born out of postwar economic necessity. It proved not only to be a delightful car, giving pleasure to hundreds of owners, but also to make an important contribution to the economic success of its makers.

It was produced as a small car, in relation to the 40/50hp model that was already in production. They were to be built side-by-side, receiving the same personal attention and craftsmanship that Rolls-Royce was renowned for. At the end of the war it was acknowledged that the 40/50hp was now dated and much work was needed to catch up on the development set aside during the war. Thus, the new Twenty was on the design board as early as 1918, but was not seriously considered until 1920.

The company realized that the 40/50hp chassis was unlikely to increase sales significantly at this stage, and so the board decided to aim for a wider market by producing a smaller car. It was in 1922 that the first Twenty appeared, produced to meet the demand for a car of moderate horsepower, but of superlative design and manufacture.

The new small Rolls-Royce made an impact on the market in two ways. On one hand it provided competition with other 20hp manufacturers; on the other hand it attracted those customers who rightly expected another version of the “best car in the world.”

Viewing: Automobiles
Year: 1925
Make: Rolls Royce
Model: Twenty
Body Style: Parkward Sedan
Transmission: 3-Speed Manual
Condition: Great Driver
Location: Webster, MA

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