1933 Packard Eight Convertible Victoria


1933 Packard Eight Convertible Victoria

Vehicle No. 627-33
Motor No. 371726
Body No. 3050-6246

130 bhp, 320 cu. in. L-head inline eight-cylinder engine, three-speed synchromesh manual transmission, four-wheel vacuum-assisted mechanical brakes, leaf spring suspension, and live hypoid rear axle. Wheelbase: 136 in.

This wonderful eight-cylinder Tenth Series Packard unusual as a original export model, brought to the United Kingdom by official Packard concessionaires, Leonard Williams & Co. of Piccadilly, London, whose sales plate is still on the dashboard. Vehicle no. 627-33, as noted on its original firewall tag, was originally built with right-hand-drive, and also fitted with a single sidemounted spare, a configuration common to British-delivery automobiles in the Classic Era.

A photograph of the Packard, from the files of noted collector Tom Mix, shows it in England, likely in the 1950s, painted black with what appear to be leopard coats in the rear seat! The car was next recorded in the March 1973 issue of Motor Sport in a note from then-owner C.K. Girvan of New Brunswick, who was “anxious to trace the history of the 1933 Packard Victoria convertible, Series 1002, of which he bought about five years ago from someone in Grimsby. It seems that the car was originally supplied to the British Government by Leonard Williams and that its colour then was probably cream.”

The car was subsequently restored many years ago, in its present subtle colors of pale primrose and black with mint green wheels, and with the steering column and related gear relocated to the left. Most recently part of the collection of a devout Packard enthusiast, it is in attractive older condition, with what is believed to be the original green leather interior demonstrating much use but still usable for regular driving, and a top that remains solid and retaining not only its original Packard firewall data plate, but also its original Dietrich body tag, both often lost to time and misguided restorations. It is running, driving order but would benefit from further mechanical sorting before regular use on the road.

One of a dozen 1002 Eight Convertible Victorias remaining extant, only two of which are original export models, this car’s fascinating history and charming patina make it a wonderful choice to sort and drive. It is a Packard of most distinguished pedigree, ideal for the passionate driver.

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Listing Type: Automobiles
Year: 1933
Make: Packard
Model: Eight
Body Style: Convertible Victoria
Transmission: 3-Speed Manual
Condition: Original
Location: Smithfield, RI 02917
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