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Our classic automobile sold in much less time than we anticipated and for more money than we originally expected to receive. His sales methodology is very thorough, professional and he backed up by an equally talented office staff.

John, thanks! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

I met Tom just a few months ago through Facebook and saw that he represented fine automobiles. After a short time he posted an automobile for sale which I'd been looking for. Within a short time Tom answered a few questions and provided further details about the car and we ended up negotiating a fair price. I must say the transaction went smoothly and can say Tom is a gentleman and I would definitely do business with him again in the future. Kindest Regards, Bob

Bob, thank you so much for your kind words! I look forward to a life long relationship with the passion we share.

Bought a car from Tom last year just from Pictures and a video.  Everything was like he told me. He arranged shipping to Norwayand i got it to the port in my home town.  Thanks Tom.

John, my pleasure to work you. Easy transaction!

I didn't know Tom, but when the time came to sell a unique car that had been in our family many years, I contacted Tom because of a very positive experience my brother had purchasing a Packard through him. Tom was knowledgeable, realistic in his evaluation, thorough in his approach to marketing the car, and steadily reassuring when "near deals" didn't work-out. It all had a happy ending -- Tom gets my highest recommendation to anyone wanting to buy or sell. And uniquely, here is a guy whose "word is his bond", still does business on the basis of a handshake and delivers what he promises. A great guy to know and a pleasure to do business with!

Mark, thank you for your kind words! We got it done!

Tom is a real professional. Our transaction was smooth and easy. I am very pleased with his company and the ease with which he is to deal with. He did everything in his power to make the transaction happen. A great guy to deal with. I look at his website daily to see what's available. I will gladly do business with him again when the opportunity arises!

Chip, the feeling is mutual! Thank you for your business!

I was referred to Tom by a client of his, I met with Tom at my home he looked at my cars and gave me some advise, in a few days I decided to put only one of the vehicles on the market at the price that made sense from other sales and condition, I drove it to Tom's warehouse, shook hands and it was sold in a short period of time.  This is the first time I listed a Car on a handshake and no formal agreement, needless to say I was a little uneasy.  Tom did every thing he said he would and had the check ready when the bill of sale was signed. I would recommend Tom to any one that needs his service, With no fear I n the way he handles the transaction in a informal manor. A great handshake transaction. Paul D

Paul, the pleasure was all mine. It was a smooth transaction and the buyer is very happy. Thank you for trusting me to bring a buyer for your Packard.

by Christian D on Laferriere Classic Cars

You gave me good advice before buying my Lafrance, things to look for etc. I also chatted with you regarding my 12 spark magneto. I did manage to get it refurbished and working in the end so I can have all 18 plugs firing. Still lots of things on my list to do so I may talk to you in the future. Thank you for making yourself available and willing to talk. Hope to come over one day and meet you. But if your ever in the UK let me know. We have a spare room if you need it.

Christian, I am always willing to talk cars! Thank you!

I have been doing business with Tom for over 10 years and it is a pleasure to to work with someone so knowledgeable and professional. He is an asset to the classic car community, keep up the good work.

Mar, you make all my freight forwarding stress free and always smooth! Thank you!

Tom has been available on numerous occasions to assist with advice, vehicle history, inspections and guidance with many vehicles over the years. When there is a question for a client or just a personal inquiry, Tom is available. He is a excellent resource when buying or selling a car and I would recommend him whether your a first time buyer getting into the hobby or your looking to add to your growing collection. Thanks for your help Tom.

Parker, always a pleasure working with you!

by Kristofer B on Laferriere Classic Cars

I have worked with Tom whereas he was a purchaser. He has been a pleasure to deal with and a great businessperson. I would be happy to buy from Tom in the future knowing his business style and work ethics. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who was looking for a vehicle.

Thanks Kris, feelings and sentiment are mutual!

I have worked with Tom on two occasions. He has sold a car for me and I have purchased one through Tom. He has been very easy, professional and precise to do business with. I would highly recommend Tom.

Thanks Joe, its been a pleasure!

We have bought, traded and consigned with Tom. 110% satisfaction. Very knowledgeable and ethical to work with and a true friend of the hobby. He works with regular joe type hobbyists and high end collectors and he treats them all like his best clients.

Thank you Steve for your kind words. Its always been a pleasure working with you and Mary.

Tom and his business is a 5 Stars Organization!! Tom is willing to help with all your needs in the Antique Car Market. I met Tom many years ago and his charisma and infectious personality will keep you connected and coming back. His support for all your purchase and sale needs will be performed without hassle, it's easy. Recently, I was in need of professionalism at a very popular Auction Venue, Tom made himself available and performed a complete inspection to confirm and direct me to making the right choice for me. Tom is the Right Choice!!!! Thank You, Tom

Henry K, thank you very much for your kind words. It means a lot!

I talked to you some times at phone and with email and I see you at Hershey sometimes, you are a very gentlemen guy and I hope that we make a business together in the future. My Packard 1934 phaeton 1101 is always for sale.

I met Tom several years ago and in all our dealings, I could not have ask for more. Honesty and integrity are always at the forefront and I think that sums it up. I highly recommend.

We have discussed Stutz items and his ReVere over the years. Always a pleasure and hehas great instincts-tastes on which cars he has for inventory. i check his site every few months.

I have known and worked with Tom for many years. He is a gentleman and a true car guy. The Packard slogan said " Ask the man who ownes one" well, Tom has owned them all. You will never find an easier person to deal with.

I have known Tom mainly through the Packard hobby and only met him once or twice during car shows in Hershey, but his reputation of premium vintage autos is well known in the Packard community. I had a car come up for sale where Tom was not the seller or even the agent and had nothing to gain by the sale, but he volunteered to discuss the situation and he helped me through some of my concerns to make the sale go smoothly. Tom is an excellent resource in the high-end vintage auto market, both in terms of providing honest, real-world pricing/value assessments and impeccable levels of trust with the actual transaction. Tom's vast knowledge and love of the vintage auto hobby allows the buyer and the seller the comfort to know that both parties are getting a fair transaction.

Tom is a class act with a wealth of automotive knowledge. I've enjoyed following his website for a few years and its always a joy to see what he comes up with. Very friendly and cordial when I've had questions! Mr. Packard is too cool. Thanks Tom.

Thank you Sam!

by Stephen Keene on Laferriere Classic Cars

Tom is a person involved in the supporting youth sports. I've have had the pleasure to be friends with Tom since High school. Very professional and a class straight man.

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