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by Leonardo A. on Laferriere Classic Cars

I am 46 years old, I have owned over 50 cars. From a Delorean to an Aston Martin. I have never felt more comfortable making an offer on a classic car than I did the 1963 Buick Riviera I got from Tom Laferriere.  He let me put on a lift, drive it, inspect every aspect of it, without any pressure.  I knew the whole picture of the car before making an offer, that was huge.  Very few sellers ever made me feel as good as Tom did with this Buick.

Leonardo, thank you for the kind words. It was easy working with you too! Please stay in contact.

Tom gave me a fantastic support to find and buy a Ford T brass era (1912).I was looking for a project non an already restored car and it was really hard to find it in Europe! Tom did it and with a very high professionalità!!!Thank you Tom!

Sonia, thank you for trusting in my services. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Tom advertised the 56 Packard I bought as one of the purest and best available.We did a Facebook live to view the car and ask questions. Tom encouraged me to fly there and see the car but I was convinced it was as he had advertised. The moment the carriers truck door opened and revealed this piece of rolling art, I realized I had made a great buy and was truly the new caretaker of one of America's automotive treasures.  Thank you Tom I am more than thrilled with the car.

Rob, truly a pleasure to make your acquaintance during this process. You got great car! Thank you for sharing your kind words, both here and on your podcast.

I had a very positive experience acqguiring my collectable car through Tom. He was very helpful with satisfying all my concerns about the condition of the car and allowing me to test drive it. Tom and his staff were very helpful and knowledgeable in making sure I had everything needed in order to get the car registered and inspected in my state. I recommend Tom to anyone seeking to do the same.

Bob, it was enjoying to work with you during this purchase! You made it easy on both of our sides. Thank you for working with me.

I have sold two of my collector cars through Tom and it has been a wonderful and flawless experience both times. Tom is trustworthy, honest, straight forward and I cant say enough about his integrity. I highly recommend anyone considering buying or selling collector cars to partner with Tom.

Jim, it is always my pleasure to work with you. Thank you again for trusting my services.

Already second car bought from Tom. Always a pleasue to negotiate with him. The cars where always exactily how described by Tom. I have a lot of fun with it. And last but not least - he has a great name! 😉

Tom, it was my pleasure once again to do business with you across the pond. I enjoy the photos you send us of enjoying your cars. I look forward to another successful deal!

Our classic automobile sold in much less time than we anticipated and for more money than we originally expected to receive. His sales methodology is very thorough, professional and he backed up by an equally talented office staff.

John, it was my pleasure to do business with you! Thank you for your trust in my services.

I have had many experiences in buying and selling classic cars and vintage cars over the past fifty years and without hesitation I can say that Tom Laferriere is the most knowledgeable and trustworthy man I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, especially his professionalism and acumen of old fashioned business trust and handshake approach. Tom brings a fresh and welcomed approach to quality business and trust, I highly recommend him should you look to either sell or buy a vintage or classic car.

Looking to sell a classic automobile? Laferriere Classic Cars is the One Stop decision to Get It Done!! Tom is an important partner in obtaining, down sizing or just revamping my Automobile Hobby. Thank You for helping me sell one of my important automobiles!

I have had the pleasure of having Tom handle the sale of two classic cars for me and one classic car purchase.He is professional, knowledgeable , thoroughly efficient and has a wonderful staff. And is also a very nice person with whom to do business. I would have the upmost confidence in using him again and I would highly recommend his services

Hi Tom: I must say that my native language is Portuguese, so I beg pardon for the mistakes. For the time I´ve being transactiing with you I must say I´m very confident in continuing dealing with, as far as I know I bought four cars from you, the last one was a 1935 Cadillac, opportunity that you were very patient as I delayed the money transfer, but you understood my problem. For one who lives abroad, it´s very importante to have someone you can trust, like you. Hope to see you in the next Hershey. Regards. Adhemar.

Hi Tom, I just want to thank you for handling the sale of my 1969 Mercedes 280SL. Your call was right at the perfect time with you having a buyer and making the selling experience smooth as silk! Now I have an empty garage space that will need to be filled. Thanks again, it’s always a great experience to deal with you. Kindest regards, Bob

Bob, thanks again for the opportunity to provide a clean and hassle free sale of your car. Let me know what I else I can do.

When it came time to sell my classic car I was lost with where to start. I can’t thank Tom enough for making what seemed like an overwhelming task a very easy and stress-free one. He is a car enthusiast at heart and truly loves what he does. He took care of everything from photographing of the car, the advertising, dealing with and meeting with prospective buyers, as well as the paperwork (also, a huge thank-you to Torie for her help with the paperwork throughout the entire process). Tom is extremely knowledgeable in his area of work, knowing the best places to advertise in order to reach the maximum number of potential buyers. Upon our initial meeting he had already done his research on the car and explained how to determine the best fair market value based on the current market and comparable comps. His down to earth nature, honesty, and professionalism made the entire experience an enjoyable one. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to sell or buy a classic car.

Thank you so much for your kind words, I was happy to help!

I responded to a internet reach for a 1939 Ford Deluxe 4 door convertible. Tom's email responses were timely and complete as to answers I was seeking. Because I am in Washington State I looked for a set of eyes (vehicle appraiser) to provide me with a written report and pictures. The appraiser confirmed everything that Tom had been conveying to me. Tori, his office mate, is a gem for following up on inquiries and documentation. This is my first classic car purchase other than my owning a 1937 Ford Deluxe slant back back in high school (1957) and a 1959 Jaguar XKE 150 roadster while in the Marine Corps 1962 -1964 - sold it when I went to Viet Nam. The price of those cars back then were certainly easier on the pocketbook.

Chuck, thank you so much for your business. If you need anything else, I am easy to find.

I've been in this hobby for over 40 years. Believe me when I say Tom's one in 1 million. It's easy to say "Car Guys Are great " but Tom redefines that word. He has the rare ability to treat you like a friend from the minute you engage him. He's not only knowledgeable but he won't BS you to make a sale. In the process of finishing the deal, I thought he was bending over backward for me. But he shrugged it off by saying what he did was easy. I can't recommend him enough

Hi Russ, thank you so much for your kind words! It was a pleasure doing business with you as well, you made the transaction also very easy. If you ever decide to sell the special car you purchased from me, let me know, as I apparently have a line of people that would like it.

I met Tom through his add in Hemmings Motor News and his really informative web site. The early 1930's Cadillac I was interested in was accurately described with a complete history and an excellent photo presentation including all of the features that a buyer would want to see. I visited his shop, test drove the car, inspected it on the lift and spent the afternoon going over details of the car with Tom and his mechanic. The car was just as described. Tom was instrumental in assisting with my purchase of the car for a fair and reasonable price and due to his network of antique automobile enthusiasts he was able to round up some rare parts that had been removed by previous owners . His thorough knowledge of the great American classic cars, his honesty and integrity, and follow up after the sale are second to none. Anyone interested in buying or selling an antique, classic or collector car should certainly check with Tom Laferrierre.

Walter, thank you so much for your business and kind words. I am glad you are happy with the Cadillac, its a great car. Please stay in contact.

Tom has sold three Classics for me, resulting in a smooth transition each time,The attention to details was key, as well as the great Web page and excellent description and photos of the autos. The pricing issue was resolved as Tom did research as to what each model was selling for. Thanks Tom for a great relationship.

Erich, thank you so much for the business, I really appreciate it!

Early Fall I purchased a Classic Automobile from Laferriere Classic Cars. I really did not have the garage space necessary for this new purchase however, I did have a Classic Car to sell. I asked Tom if he could help. Tom accepted my Auto for sale immediately to allow garage space for my new purchase. Both transactions were completed separately and with intricate detail. His style and professionalism is second to none. Tom I appreciate everything you do!!!! Credit to the Automobile Hobby.....

Henry, We share the same passion! Thank you for the business, both on the buy and sell side!

I have now sold 3 cars through Tom and I highly recommend his services. As with the first two, he picked the car up and wired me the money 4 weeks later. He handled the market analysis for pricing, photography, description, inspection, marketing and negotiation. He shields the seller from all the aggravation of selling a car and makes it easy on the buyer. When you divide his commission into the hours it would take to do his job it seems like quite a bargain. Not to mention, a private seller would not be able to do as good a job as a professional like Tom.

Thank you for your continued business and in trust in my services. It was a great car to sell!

Buying a classic car from Tom was a very enjoyable experience. He was extremely helpful throughout the process. He was open to questions and even outside inspections if I wanted one. He put the car up on a lift within 10 minutes of my initial visit. This was one example of the great customer service, which let me make an informed decision. I felt confident in buying from Tom and would recommend him to anyone looking for a classic car.

Hi Jay, it was great working with you! Let me know if I can help with anything in the future.

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