1910 Speedster Project
The Ultimate 14.5 litre, Dual Chain Drive, Highway Capable Speedcar

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November 4, 2005:  Got the lead on the vehicle
November 19:
 First Inspection...in my sweats!
December 3:
  Purchased the car and towed home
December 11:  Went for a ride.  It was quite cold but it was fun!
January 25:  Work began.  Body was completely removed.  First item was to move the shifters back about 8"  I had a difficult time reaching for 2nd.  We will be cutting the ears off the firewall to match the hood lines.  The front will be lowed by removing the block between the leafs and axel.  We also will remove about 20% of the leafs.  We are not lowering the back at this time nor are we shortening the Wheelbase, which I measure at 158"
February 9:  Will be adding a second tank for oil behind main fuel tank.  There will be a brass hand pump to oil the chains.
February 23:  Spoon accelerator was added the the right of the brake outside the floor.  We decided to lower the back as we were able to drop the front a little more.  Added a Stewart Warner Speedo.  Cowl ears have been cut down.  Will use Battleship Linoleum for flooring.  Will remove exhaust manifold and fabricate 6 pipes into an echo box below.  Hood sides will be stationary and removable and top will open and be held down with straps.
March 5:  Seats, Batteries and Tank fitted, exhaust manifold removed to prepare for custom pipes, rear chassis is scribed where we will cut and lower the back.  The beginning makings of the body are now apparent.  After looking through some old Horseless Carriage Gazettes, I am now questioning my body design.  I am really favoring the 1908 Simplex Speedcar design.
March 24th:  Alternator and clutch are back in.  New Brass Speedo installed.  Holes in hood are cut and ready to receive the pipes
April 20th:  Floors are built, running boards installed, Presto-Lite Tank installed, 12" Acetylene Rushmore Brass Headlights and Searchlight purchased.  The exhausted pipes are beginning to come together.  Rear Chassis cut and lowered.
May 8:  Front Fenders now taking shape.  Installed 12" Rushmores, running boards and floors built.  Exhaust almost done.  Still cant make up my mind on the rear design.
May 20:  Mocked Speedster Body
February 21, 2007:  Progress!  I decided to shorten the chassis.  There was just too much room that I couldn't fill up behind the seat.  Gauges and dash now assembled.  Cowl lights installed.  Hood straps installed.  Exhaust just about complete.  Tank for chain oiling installed.
March 26, 2007:  My new wheels are now on the car!  They look great!  The original ALF hubs were turned down significantly for use with the new wheels.

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November 17, 2005  First Inspection
On the Trailer
Comparing to my Model T Speedster
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