1933 Duesenberg II Murphy Roadster with Disappearing Top. 

5.8 Ford EFI with auto trans.  Only 5,300 miles since built.  Runs and drives beautifully at any speed or road condition.  I have owned many automobiles, both authentic and reproduced of this era, and this is by far the best I have ever driven.  The fuel injection really makes this car along with a 142" Wheelbase, 18" wheels and over 17' 3" in length.  The painted chassis is very clean along with a clean engine compartment.  This is a high quality build.  This car is driven regularly through the car season and is just a blast to drive.  Dependable tour car, perfect driver.

To my understanding, this car was built in 1989 using a Custom chassis and new 1989 Ford driveline.  The paint is also original from 1989 and has its fair share of defects.  The car looks great from 10 feet away, however upon closer inspection, chips and paint imperfections can be seen upon every panel.  Close up photos and video of the defects are available, please request them.

Known issues with this car:  1) The 6 way power seat track was removed in 2003 to accommodate the current owner and cannot be found, so the seat sits on the floor with no tracks.  Tracks are available from Speedster Motor Car.  2)  A/C charges and blows cold, but loses its charge within a few days.  3)  Ammeter not functioning.  4) Drivers door panel has been altered in a poor manor to accommodate the current owners leg.  It was digging into his leg and he didn't like it. 5)  The paint, as described above.  6) Radio powers on, but no sound.  7)  Golf bag door latch will need some attention.

This car is registered and insured in the State of Rhode Island as a 1933 Duesenberg II with a 17 Digit VIN number.  Worldwide shipping available and arranged.

1933 Duesenberg II Murphy Roadster for sale

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